Our approach to consultancy

We think like engineers, act like controllers, and see our role as that of relationship managers

Our approach to consultancy is one that was developed not by us but by our customers needs. This is because weꞌve been working for small to medium-sized companies for more than 15 years now.

That’s why we know that the challenges you face in times of permanent change are multi-layered. We help you to reduce complexity at the right places, always keeping your goals, your time, your money and the human factor in plain sight. Depending on the relevant process-phase in the individual case, we set the points of emphasis differently, so as to closely match needs.

Claudia Thaler
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The engineer

We understand the topics that you deal with – however specialised they may be. And convert them into a language your target group understands. We engage intensively with your customers and market, we work the problem, adjusting and fine-tuning, thinking further ahead and thinking from a whole range of angles. We tenaciously do not give up – and always find a solution. Tools support our systematic approach.

The controller

Your matter of concern: only to invest in things that lead to success. Our requirements profile: to attain your corporate and communication goals based on a purposeful deployment of financial and time resources. That is why we steer your communications on the basis of measurable goals – also making use of insights gained from big-data as we do so. The result: you know that the return on investment is right.

The relationship manager

Communication is about nurturing relationships. Yet it is also about cultures, formative experiences, finely-nuanced sensitivities and the context as a whole. That is why we have intensively examined the topic of systemic organisational consultancy. Your advantage: pinpointed measures that take effect more quickly. Communication goals are reached earlier and changes yield success more rapidly.