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    An agency for personalities

    What fits us is personalities seeking to shape events: everyday working life, the customer relationship, the quality of advice given day to day, the agency environment, the customersꞌ success, the business sector weꞌre in, the future of communication and, – well, everything else that is there to be shaped.

    Our clients are happy when our employees are. This is why we set great value on efficient processes and structures. We like the clear division of responsibilities between the hierarchies and offer structured professional and personal development in all phases of the work life.

    We find graduates in Philosophy or American Studies every bit as interesting as PR executives or engineers.

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    We set ourselves highly-challenging performance standards – and our customers value this very highly. In our company we have clear rules and goals – but we don’t leave anyone high-and-dry to pursue them all alone: on the contrary, we provide support to our team members in attaining their goals. By comprehensive ongoing training, individual coaching and a mentoring system.


    When people start working for us, what strikes them is their colleaguesꞌ willingness to help. This is not a product of chance - it is underpinned by a whole approach to running this company. Even if we are driven by performance, judged in the marketplace by it, and insist on it, we do not like colleagues with razor-sharp elbows. Obsessive self-promoters should also look elsewhere. The person that fits this company is the one that understands that each one of us benefits when we work together well.


    ꞌRoomꞌ is a concept with many dimensions for us: the rooms that comprise our agencyꞌs offices are beautiful and generously-dimensioned. We give team members ꞌroomꞌ - the scope to develop, to determine their own path of development, scope for creating and for modern ways of working. Scope for feedback is an important element in our companyꞌs culture. Not least, people who work in our company have room in their lives for friends and for a private life after hours.