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Content Marketing and Storytelling are favoured buzzwords among managers in the communications sector. But its hardly a new activity! The trail leads from cave-paintings, via the Bible and via childrens stories, right through to 140 characters on Twitter or the latest YouTube video. For as long as humans have existed, weve been exchanging stories.

Only 44% of marketing departments have a defined content strategy.
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Good content marketing with the right strategy

Successful storytelling doesnt simply fall out of the sky like rain. It is where we as an agency come into play, because digitalisation constantly provides us with new channels and formats for telling stories: today pictures, texts and moving images can be communicated, in combination, almost everywhere and in real time. Many corporate marketing departments, addressing the topic of content marketing, see their time resources stretched to the limit. Aside from capacity levels and budgets, the more possibilities there are the more important it is to focus on a clear goal.

Unfortunately, even now far too few marketing departments have a clearly defined content-marketing strategy. This remains true even though it is B2B companies, in particular, that can benefit from taking the opportunity to get good stories out there about their company, products and services. This is because marketing and communication departments can contribute measurably to companies success by using meaningful and creative storytelling campaigns.

Content marketing includes the following formats, for example:

  • A White Paper on a topic
  • Blog contributions
  • Academic studies on a topic
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Subject-specialist articles

The aim: to increase reach and to generate leads

Step by step, we develop the suitable content-marketing strategy for your company. First of all, we identify the right topics, jointly with you, and define the most important target groups. Only after this, with storytelling as our goal, do we develop campaigns and forge the content for the relevant channels, to make an exact fit effectively aimed at its target. This can be an info-graphic for Facebook, an SEO-optimised content-feature for Google, a video interview that packs real power in terms of its reach, or the specialist article for a medium favoured by an industrys relevant insiders. Each measure taken must generate added value for the target group!

This is what a good strategy for content-marketing can accomplish for you:

  • A compelling and cohesive customer journey
  • Cross-channel communication
  • A greater degree of reach
  • A servicing of customers' increasing level of expectation and aspiration
  • A long-term reinforcement of the bond with the customer

Hereꞌs the most important point about content marketing: it is never only about content creation - it is primarily also about content distribution. Getting content into the public eye via your own company website and your own social-media channels is a good first step; yet often what you encounter there is users already familiar with your company. From now on, companies must achieve a corporate reach that is well-matched to needs on a lasting basis and incorporates high-calibre content. More and more firms will have to supplement their existing internet content, using content promotion on other portals, e.g. through native advertisement. A tailored, inbound marketing campaign can be proven to provide support to your sales activities in generating leads.

So what you want is to get your story across, with genuinely effective reach in your content marketing? We are happy to advise you on this!