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Classic press work remain a strategically important tool in companies' communication mix. While advertising is expensive and cannot get around accepting a high level of scatter-shot losses, targeted press work achieves more in a cost-effective way.

If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations!
Bill Gates
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Goals of Presswork

  • Raising levels of market awareness of your company
  • An increased awareness level for your products and services
  • Long-term image strengthening and brand strengthening
  • Winning-over new target groups
  • Reinforcing the bond with existing target groups

For small to mid-sized firms, especially in B2B sectors, it is important to get the company out there into the media, using targeted press work. As communication experts and news junkies, we know the topics that are currently being discussed in business and in society, identifying trends at an early stage. This is precisely where we want to position our customers through targeted media work that has a powerful reach.

A well-maintained list of contacts is crucial to success! Whether it is daily-news media, business media, HR media or further sector-specific specialist media, consense, as an agency with journalistic DNA, commands an extensive network of personal journalist contacts, one that we are always cultivating and expanding. Of course, we also know relevant bloggers and other influencers.

Successful media relations:

Press work goes far beyond the classic press release. Far more than just sending off company reports to journalists, the challenge is to get oneself firmly rooted in the editorsminds as an expert on a given topic, on a particular sector of business, etc. This can be achieved using a variety of activities, e.g. :

  • Actively addressing the media
  • Visits to editorial teams
  • Background discussions / journalists round-table discussions
  • Press conferences

Earning success in press work means having to maintain a regular dialogue with your key media. We are happy to provide support in this, as your agency!