Strategic topic management in corporate communications

Use the right channels, formats and media to tell your story at the right time. This is often easier said than done. With strategic topic planning, you can succeed.

Content is king, but distribution is queen - and she wears the pants.
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Why external communication is not possible without topic management

Attention is good - but directing the right attention to the right topic at the right time is the supreme discipline. For this reason, external communication is always preceded by strategic topic management.

We recommend planning your topics and content in advance. This ensures that your messages are consistent and are heard. After all, there are not an infinite number of ways to place your topic in the respective medium.

Our services in the area of topic management

As an agency for topic management in Munich, we are happy to support you in designing your communication in a targeted, professional and effective way, especially in the context of the dynamic and diverse market environment. We offer services in these four areas:

1. Topic identification and development

In the first step, we work with you to identify the topics that are relevant and appealing to your target group. We then work with you to develop content that attracts precisely this readership and arouses the interest of potential customers.

2. Positioning as an expert in the industry

As an agency for topic management in Munich, we strengthen your reputation as a competent contact in your field through the targeted discussion of relevant topics and the dissemination of specialist knowledge.

3. Targeted management in crisis situations

Our topic management enables you to react to potentially negative topics at an early stage and take preventative measures in reputation management.

4. Strengthening brand identity

Consistent positioning creates associations. We work together to identify your company's core values and messages and implement them coherently in all communication channels and materials. The result is a uniform appearance that positively influences your brand image and strengthens the trust of your target group.

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