Employee Motivation and Strengthening the Bond with Empolyees / Munich

Especially in these times, with shortages of specialist and management personnel, a key task in our fast-paced society is that of keeping good staff and cultivating a bond with them over the long term. No easy matter, given that today frequent job changes and the poaching of staff seem to be features of everyday life. So what should you do?

Successful companies benefit from highly motivated employees.
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Employer Branding within the organisation

Motivated staff are a crucial driving force for a companys success. It is proven that a successful employer-branding strategy strengthens the employer-employee bond and exerts a positive influence on a companys turnover and ROI. This is why specifically staff motivation and reinforcement of the bond with employees play a central role in Employer Branding.

What is the corporate culture like? Which leadership culture is made into a daily reality by managers? What reward systems and incentive systems are in place? Is communication characterised by openness and trust? These are some of the decisive questions that challenge firms to have an answer and, above all, an explicitly-defined policy position. Together with you, we develop an attractive employer brand, also establishing suitable measures to motivate employees and to strengthen the bond with them. By setting up a successful employer-branding strategy, you too can achieve the following goals:

  • Greater work-satisfaction among employees
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced emotional bond
  • Reduced levels of staff fluctuation

Impetus for a strengthened bond with employees

An employee who feels good in their work is fairly certain to remain longer in the company than someone for whom it feels like torture just to turn up at work. This is why the employer has the task of creating a working environment that appeals to team members and keeps employee satisfaction continuously high.

For an authentic and attractive image as an employer, the message communicated externally must be the reality that employees genuinely experience. This starts with line managers and the management team as a whole, permeating the entire company.

What is significant in this is not only career opportunities and a high salary – other factors that play a big role include a good and trust-based working climate, the leadership style, the structuring of the job and also the companys values. Accordingly, flexible working-time models, compatibility of family and work requirements, or also broader commitment of effort for the communitys benefit can decisively raise employees level of work satisfaction.

Here is a key competitive advantage: employees who genuinely bond with their company are more committed and motivated and truly contribute to a companys success; in turn, this makes the firm attractive for new applicants. Those who feel good about what they do are happy to talk, and talk positively, about their employer, thereby taking on an important role – as your most important brand ambassadors!

So would you like to develop a strong employer brand, one that your team members are proud to take out into the world? We are happy to provide support in this!