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Our services as an HR communications agency in Munich

Thanks to our many years of experience in internal, external and change communication, we offer you the entire portfolio for successful HR communication: we develop measures and messages, accompany internal and external projects from the idea to the implementation and help you to successfully use synergies with other internal departments such as corporate communication, internal communication and executive communication. This strengthens your employer brand both internally and externally.

How do we do it? We think in terms of audiences and channels, taking into account not only the perspective of your company and stakeholders, but also that of the media. We use the method of storytelling to make sure the message gets across. Storytelling is a powerful tool for making complex content tangible and creating emotional connections.

As an agency for HR communications in Munich, we offer you comprehensive consulting and support in the following three areas:

External HR Marketing: Visibility and strength of your brand

  • Employer branding: Position yourself as a desirable employer in Munich and beyond with our expertise in HR marketing.
  • HR Marketing: We create campaigns that position your company as a desirable place to work in Munich to attract and retain qualified talent.
  • HR Public Relations: We raise your company's profile and communicate your strengths to the public.

Let us help you lay the foundation for a strong employer brand. We provide communications support for all employer branding activities to increase your visibility and expand your presence in Munich and beyond. Our agency ensures that your messages reach all relevant stakeholders and leave a lasting impression.

Internal HR communication: focus on motivation and satisfaction

  • Internal branding: Anchor your brand deeply in the minds of your employees for a strong, unified culture.
  • Executive communication: We support your managers with targeted measures to convey a motivating message.

We develop and implement communication strategies that ensure employee satisfaction and motivation. At the same time, we strengthen the employer brand from within and promote transparency in all HR-related processes. Our agency relies on clear, open communication channels to create a trusting and appreciative corporate culture.

Cross-divisional strategies for consistent HR communication

  • Internal communication strategies: We create effective communication flows that inform, engage and motivate your employees.
  • Change and crisis communication: We prepare you for change and help you keep your HR communications clear and effective, even in challenging times.

What is HR Communication?

HR communication is the strategic management of communication processes inside and outside an organization. It is about strengthening the relationship with current and future employees, promoting a positive corporate culture and thereby motivating and retaining employees. HR communication is therefore the key discipline for successful employer branding and for the success of your internal and external HR marketing. HR communication encompasses both employer and employee communication and is directed at employees, potential applicants and other stakeholders. It often overlaps with corporate communications, especially in the areas of recruiting and HR marketing.

Our services at a glance

Comprehensive consulting

  • Internal and external communications strategies
  • Social media strategies in HR
  • Workshops and trainings

Strategic concepts

  • Customized communication strategies
  • Definition of appropriate KPIs and monitoring tools
  • Creation of targeted content

Innovative storytelling

  • Develop creative storytelling campaigns
  • Optimizing the candidate experience
  • Employee retention narratives

Strengthening the employer brand

  • Employer brand assessment and development
  • Targeted employer branding strategies
  • Internal and external communications to strengthen the employer brand

Project support

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Stakeholder Management and Communication
  • Change Communication
  • Success measurement and continuous monitoring

Synergy building

  • Integrating HR Communications into Corporate Strategy
  • Integrate internal and external communication processes
  • Strengthen collaboration between HR and other departments
  • Develop holistic communication approaches
  • Optimize resources and budgets through synergies