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Anchor your strategy sustainably throughout the entire company!
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Our services in the area of strategy communication

Sustainable strategy communication is crucial to ensure that all employees know and understand the corporate strategy. Our Munich agency helps you to anchor your strategy in the entire company in the long term.

Master story and core messages

We support you in developing a clear and consistent story. Our goal: to break down the strategy into a few core elements and formulate them in a comprehensible master story.

  • Why are you pursuing the strategy?
  • What are your goals?
  • What will change for your employees?
  • Why is the strategy good for the company and its employees?
  • What contribution can each individual make?

Cascade communication

Successful strategy communication begins with strategy development. Especially in the area of strategy communication, we as an agency in Munich recommend cascading information throughout the company - from the works council to management to all employees. We work with you to create a roadmap for this cascading communication.

Channels and measures

Depending on the function and timing, different formats are suitable for communicating the strategy. For example:

  • Workshops or staff meetings
  • Company meetings
  • Town hall meetings or internal roundtables
  • Manuals and FAQs
  • Employee magazine, intranet, internal newsletter
  • Short videos or podcasts

As an agency for strategic communication in Munich, we support you in developing and implementing the right measures and channels for you.

What makes successful strategic communication - and why is it so important?

Take digitalisation, for example: a process that will not leave any company unscathed. On the contrary, it is a process that determines the continued existence of a company. No future without digitalisation. Be it the craft business around the corner, the medium-sized company or the global corporation.

Such far-reaching developments or processes fundamentally change the strategy of companies. A lot of resources are invested in the development of new or changed goals and measures to drive the company forward.

However, as important as the goals are, successfully communicating them to employees is crucial to achieving them: Both in terms of content, but also in terms of the choice of communication channels. It is important that the significance and benefits of the strategy are clearly recognisable - for the company as a whole, but especially for each individual.

After all, it is crucial that employees fully support the strategy - and this only happens if there is clear added value. Ensuring this process is the task of management. Strategy communication thus becomes a central management tool.

Our services at a glance

Analysis & conception

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Analysis & positioning workshops
  • Integrated communication concepts
  • Strategy development
  • Cascade communication

Channels & Activities

  • Townhall Meetings
  • (Social) Intranet, Yammer, etc.
  • Video messages
  • Masterstory
  • Q&A Documents
  • Target group specific guidelines & toolkits

Creative formats

  • Storytelling
  • Graphic recording
  • Executive workshops
  • Employee workshops
  • (Digital) Trainings
  • Coaching