Webinars and web conferences in Munich

Meetings are more and more taking place virtually. The Corona crisis has intensified this trend, web meetings and virtual workshops are highly popular and more important than ever for many companies.

Life is too short for long meetings.
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Use web meetings for your business

Whether it's important appointments with customers, team meetings, workshops or conducting job interviews, virtual meetings offer an efficient solution for this. In recent months, many companies have realized that there is much more potential in webinars and web conferences than previously thought. Virtual meetings with one or more colleagues or business partners are possible without any problems, because the quality of communication now comes very close to that of a real meeting.

This form of modern working is not really new, but it has been rediscovered and appreciated by many companies.

Advantages of virtual meetings:

  • Collaborate regardless of location
  • Cost saving
  • Recording makes them available again and again
  • Efficient design of workflows
  • Time saving
  • Sustainability

Creating online workshops properly

The field of providers and possible applications of virtual conferences is huge. For this reason, it is important that you get a precise overview of the different strengths and weaknesses of the providers in this area.

To find the best option for your company's online meetings, you should first define your own requirements for a tool. Only after that is it time to select a provider. Whether Zoom, MS-Teams, Cisco Webex or MeetGreen, the choice is growing every day.

Choosing a provider is often a quick process, and a web meeting can be set up rapidly. But then the real work begins to make your virtual meetings or workshops a lasting success. A successful web conference does not only require a very good technical infrastructure, many companies forget the human factor!

Success factors for online meetings:

  • Role clarity: Who does what?
  • Moderator skills: Who will guide the virtual participants through the various agenda items with confidence?
  • Planning: Does everyone have the right technology? How experienced is the team in handling? How much time is needed for content in the virtual context? etc.
  • Netiquette: What (communication) rules apply to web meetings?

You would like to conduct successful online meetings or workshops in your company and are looking for a suitable partner? We will be happy to support you in the preparation and implementation so that your virtual meetings are not only exciting in terms of content, but also efficient and sustainable. Contact us!