Change Communications in Munich

Constant change is the new constant. Fast adaptation ensures survival in competition - especially in times of digital transformation. With Change Communication, you successfully accompany the organizational change process in your company.

Nothing in the history of life is more constant than change.
Charles Darwin
Claudia Thaler
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External and internal challenges

Whether it's the launch of a product innovation to set a company apart from the competition, restructuring or realignment of business models, digital transformation processes, or a physical move to new, modern business premises change processes have become part of everyday life in companies. It is therefore hardly surprising that the external adaptation usually runs comparatively smoothly. The real challenge lies in internal implementation. Because if a company's own employees don't support the changes, resist them and only implement them half-heartedly, then any change process is doomed to failure no matter how well planned or how correct the approach.

The implementation of new strategies, processes, structures and systems tends to meet with resistance, reservations and fears. The great number or permanence of change processes in particular puts a strain on employees, leading to overstimulation and rejection. To make matters worse: Unfortunately, strategic and technical mistakes are made far too often in the implementation of change processes. The consequence:

  • Negative experience of change processes among employees
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Lack of trust in managers and the company
  • Half-hearted implementation of planned measures
  • Slowdown of the entire change process

The best plan fails if it is not supported internally by the company's own employees, if not everyone involved pulls together and does not pursue a common goal.

Successful Change Communication

Communication tailored specifically to change processes, which requires both the knowledge of change management experts and project managers and the professionalism of communication experts, is the key to success.

At consense, we understand change communication as a combination of competencies and targeted measures. And so we combine strategic communication approaches with methods of systemic organizational development in a meaningful way. The result: successful change communication for you and your company!

We provide support with:

  • Stakeholder analyses
  • Development of change story
  • Action planning
  • Management training
  • Employee workshop
  • Implementation of communication measures

Companies miss opportunities

In theory, many companies know what optimal change communication should look like, but it is rarely implemented in practice. They ask themselves why?!

Leadership vacuum

It is usually top management that initiates and strategically aligns change processes. And it determines the communication. However, when it comes to the decisive implementation of communication measures internally, top management often noticeably retreats, leaving behind a power vacuum. At this point, executives miss an important opportunity to set a credible example of change and to actively use change communication as a management tool.

Push communication instead of dialog

The goal of many communication strategies is to send information about upcoming change processes. The focus is on coordinated information, not on exchange or dialog. The result: rigid top-down communication. This harbors two risks: First, the actual messages get lost in the communication staccato. Second, the opportunity to involve employees, to take up internal suggestions for solutions and to achieve a high level of acceptance is not sufficiently exploited.

Lack of networking

Turning those affected into participants, dialog with employees, participative approaches - these are just a few of the recommendations for successful change communication. Therefore, combining disciplines and competencies in change communication makes a lot of sense. However, collaboration, dialog between project management, executives and employees, openness and clarity have so far only been theoretical values that are far too often not consistently lived. Often, the interaction between the key change players in a company does not function optimally because the distribution of roles is not clear.

Do you recognize yourself and your company? Act now and take advantage of the opportunities offered by strategic change communication. Let consense accompany you in a goal-oriented way, so that your next change process is a complete success!