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Crises always come when you least expect them. That is why it is so very important for companies nowadays to take the most essential precautions for possible crisis scenarios. Crisis prevention gives you a head-start in an emergency and helps to spare your nerves!

Only 43% of mid-sized companies in Germany feel well prepared in terms of their communication activities in case of a crisis.
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Crisis scenarios can be prepared for

To start considering communication when the crisis has already emerged puts you under unnecessary pressure. While it is possible to intervene in acute emergencies, doing so makes it more difficult to attain the goal of minimising the damage (to the firms image). Alongside competence and experience in mastering crisis situations, the time component is a key factor in this. If a crisis strategy is not considered before the emergency appears, valuable time gets lost.

So as to have the best possible preparation for an emergency, the most secure and professional path to take is a thought-through game plan for strategic crisis prevention. Most sources of crisis can be recognised in advance, or at least at an early stage, and the right steps taken to limit any crisis. A lot of things can be prepared very effectively:

  • Defining a crisis team
  • Establishing the planning for the activity sequence and who is responsible for what
  • Setting up a crisis manual
  • Checklists, dark sites, list of recipients of written info, Q&As
  • Putting a crisis plan into place
  • Training activities based on simulation, primarily for spokespeople

Crisis prevention as a success factor

In crisis situations it is the right behaviour that successfully determines a companys future. A well-prepared and suitable communication strategy helps to protect an organisations reputation and to reinforce trust. As a communications agency, we render support to our clients in recognising risks early, assessing them and preparing for possible crisis scenarios by suitable crisis-prevention measures. This is what you gain:

  • An optimum level of preparation in an emergency
  • More response-time when the crisis emerges
  • The workforce is trained to know how to respond

Our approach to consultancy takes into account the subject-specialist aspects as well as the human factor. Benefit from our many years of crisis-prevention expertise – so that your crisis does not become a full-scale disaster. And if a crisis has already taken hold, contact us. We are at companies service, providing crisis PR quickly and unbureaucratically. So you can take the reins back into your hands!