colourful – this is what does it for us

As already stated: colourful – this is what does it for us, what turns on our lights. The more background and characters drawn into the narrative, the more exciting the prospects become. The outcome: more exciting ideas, purposeful solutions, better results for you.

Managing Director

The agency was founded in 2000 in Munich. To this day, I remain absolutely passionate about leading consense communications GmbH. Consumed by the desire to shape events and by enthusiasm for the subjects and personalities that jointly make up our client base. Meaningful communication is the key to it all - because that is the only way that 'better' is brought to life. 

Portrait Claudia Thaler

Claudia Thaler

Our customers know the head of our company. Just as she is familiar with the topics close to our customers‘ hearts. As you might expect from an owner-managed agency, for over 25 years now Claudia has put her great passion for her work into advising customers, also in terms of the day-to-day business.

Portrait Nina Angermann

Nina Angermann

With around 15 years of communications experience on the corporate and agency side, she is passionate about advising on strategic communications projects. Specialises in external and internal corporate communication, leadership communication and employer branding.

As a systemic coach and organisational developer, she observes closely and asks specific questions, even uncomfortable ones. Gets to the heart of the matter. Sings enthusiastically in a gospel choir, loves the sea, the mountains and her yoga mat.

Head ofs

Our Head ofs take care of the orientation of our consulting services, know the communicative challenges of our time and build up corresponding competences in the team.

Portrait Henrik Heins

Henrik Heins

Head of Consulting & BD

Originally comes from the field of political communication, but has felt at home in the field of corporate communication for around 20 years. Today, as Principal Consultant, he stands for strategic customer consulting and supports companies, institutions and individuals in communication and change processes.

Previously managed the offices of large national and international communications agencies in Frankfurt and Munich. A great believer in team spirit and the firm conviction that there is always a solution.

Portrait Kirsten Gnadl

Kirsten Gnadl

Head of Sustainability

Focuses on what matters. Whether in strategic consulting for international companies and associations or on sustainability issues. With heart and mind, she has been bringing interesting stories to the media and important messages to the right target groups for 25 years. She is also a passionate advocate for environmental and climate protection in her home community on Lake Chiemsee. As a group fitness trainer, she enjoys encouraging others to voluntarily push their personal limits.

Portrait Anja Kopf

Anja Kopf

Head of Content

Loves producing content for the eyes, ears and heart. Studied journalism in Passau and Hamburg, specializing in digital journalism. First got to know the agency world and worked for clients like MSN, Bunte and Stylight. As a health journalist at Wort & Bild Verlag, she not only learned about evidence-based work, but also designed and implemented newsletters, social media campaigns and podcasts. As Head of Content, she now ensures that communication strategies and content go hand in hand.


What you get from us is good advice – from personalities who command a wide range of knowledge, not only in the subject area of communication. You get it from people who think like engineers, act like heads of controlling, and understand their role as being that of relationship managers.

Portrait Laura Berner-Knoll

Laura Berner-Knoll

Using words to move people and make a positive difference: That's what she's passionate about. With her experience in journalism, PR and the day-to-day work of a law firm, Laura, who studied German and law, is a true expert in linguistic diplomacy. Has a fine sense for the right words, a large portion of creativity and the always necessary spark of humor.

Portrait Nina Blume

Nina Blume

As an experienced cross-media journalist in the fields of news, sport and tabloids and a graduate in communication science, she knows exactly what is important in communication. Producing target group-relevant content and advising media partners and management is in her blood - e.g. for ZDF, ProSieben or Sat.1. Discovered her passion for PR, campaigns and corporate comms while working in the communications department of a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company. 

Portrait Marie Dammler

Marie Dammler

Got her first taste of consulting at consense communications after studying communication science at LMU Munich. Before that, she learnt about the corporate perspective in a tech start-up in the marketing and social media sector. She is a psychology enthusiast and enjoys developing new concepts and fine-tuning formulations.

Portrait Marina Fritz

Marina Fritz

Has always been fascinated by how communication affects people. That's why she studied communications and psychology in her hometown of Munich. Before joining consense, she worked in internal and external corporate communications for the DACH region at GSK Consumer Healthcare.

She now brings her passion for the human factor in change processes to her consulting work with a focus on employer branding, HR communication and internal communication. In addition to dealing with complex client issues during work hours, she enjoys elaborate cake recipes, unusual sports, and historical novels in her spare time.

Portrait Rainer Frömmel

Rainer Frömmel

Freelance Creative Director for text and conceptual work, as well as a social media strategist, all in one. The result: (advertising) campaigns that really are worth seeing. His strengths include bringing authenticity to the handling of all manner of social topics. With digital as his focus and brand image as his passion, he has won many prizes for customers. Knows everything about good stories conveyed in words and pictures – a quality that consense clients value very highly.

Tina Glasl Kommunikation

Tina Glasl

Founder and head of Tina Glasl Kommunikation. Successful for many years as a consultant on crisis prevention and ad-hoc crisis communication. Author of specialist books on crisis communication, trainer and coach. Lecturer on PR and crisis communication at Germanys national institute for public relations, based in Hamburg. Formerly head of the Munich office of communications agency fischerappelt. A communication scientist and a passionate journalist.

Portrait Annique Heisig

Annique Heisig

Has always found dealing with people and the subtleties of social interaction very exciting, which is why she ended up in communications. Studied Dual Communication & PR and specialises in external communication.

Uses her expertise as a consultant in the areas of corporate PR, employer branding and social media communication. Besides social media (for research purposes only, of course), her favourite things to do in her free time are novels, social issues and video games.

Portrait Kerstin Hunold

Kerstin Hunold

Loves the variety between creative brainstorming, strategic approach and operational implementation. In her long agency career, she has advised many companies and designed communication campaigns, from e-health start-ups to international media groups. These include classic media relations, product launches and positioning in the area of thought leadership.

How companies can shape their external perception is what motivated her to study communication science. At its core, this is still what drives her: Communicating values credibly.

Portrait Miri Köbner

Miri Köbner

A graduate in philosophy and the German language and literature, she is in love with language games and thought games. She enjoys viewing the world through a whole variety of pairs of glasses – and was like this long before the term ꞌtarget-group-appropriateꞌ became part of her world. Understands the most complex subject-matter but cannot understand indifference in the face of intolerance. An optimist, inexhaustibly curious about people, topics and discussions.

Portrait Alexandra Krohn

Alexandra Krohn

As a communication scientist and learning psychologist, she knows how complex individuals and organizations are. That's why she doesn't offer one-size-fits-all solutions, but always starts with an open ear and an analytical view to find an individual solution.

Whether B2B (automotive, security, SaaS, sustainability) or B2C - she has already advised many (international) companies and brings this valuable experience to the table. Her special interests include corporate comms, media & influencer relations and strategic consulting.

Portrait Verena Neeser

Verena Neeser

A trained documentary film director and television journalist with an eye for detail. The moving image and audiovisual media are her home, people and stories her passion. She has years of consense experience coupled with almost five years of living in China. Whether internal or external regular communication, town hall meetings, video productions, print magazines or online publications - she also brings international companies forward strategically and with an analytical eye on KPIs.

Portrait Annika Munk

Annika Munk

Studied communication science and acquired experience in radio, the local newspaper, and in marketing. After work experience in journalism and in marketing, she now deploys her knowledge in PR and social media. Yet she not only directs her gaze to the mountains in her free time; the skill needed to see what is far ahead also characterises her work.

Portrait Katharina Müller

Katharina Müller

After her first steps in journalism, she gained several years of corporate experience in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Since moving to the agency world, she has been involved in a wide range of consulting activities for B2B and B2C companies. Both conceptually and strategically as well as operationally. Both for large tech companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition to classic media relations, internal communication is her favourite subject. Her professional focus is on campaigns that bring the corporate culture to life and turn employees into ambassadors.

Portrait Wera Otterbach

Wera Otterbach

As a graduate in German and Romance languages, she has linguistic sensitivity. Her work is characterised by curiosity, precision and proactivity, not only in consulting. Appreciates a challenge, loves to think outside the box and convinces with unconventional answers.

Her consulting expertise: external and internal corporate communications, public relations, strategy and change communication. Accompanies start-ups as well as international corporations and likes to focus on the essentials. She is enthusiastic about complex technologies and has been involved in sustainability and management topics for years.

Portrait Edeltraud Rückl

Edeltraud Rückl

Specialising in secretarial service, assistance, office management and all manner of affairs of the heart. Seeing to it that everyone gets a good reception, on the phone as well as face-to-face, she is our showpiece and a provider of shrewd advice. Able to come up with a surprise, time and time again – not least with her interest in financial topics.

Portrait Analena Rischpler

Analena Rischpler

Making the switchover from journalism and into the agency, she brought her passion for language with her. Studied political science and communication science at LMU Munich and learnt her journalistic trade at the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

She has been advising on both internal and external communications for more than 15 years: from internal newsletters and town hall meetings to the transformation of internal communications in the wake of hybrid working models at major international clients

Portrait Michaela Simon

Michaela Simon

Author, journalist and a graduate in philosophy. Since 2015, the developer of new series-formats and consenseꞌs key contact for Sony Pictures Television. An admirer of Marcel Proust, one who adores reading as a source of insight into why people are as they are – yet she also loves American thrillers and series such as "Transparent" or "The Honourable Woman". She is proud of the Golden Record award that she won as a lyricist and also proud of her two children.

Portrait Sandra Tammery

Sandra Tammery

Design expert with a broad portfolio - from branding and print to web design and social media. Strong visual thinker and content contextualizer. After several years of working in retail, she was inspired by her passion for street art photography and her own photography in her spare time to study media design. Not only does she love typography and beautiful fonts, she also loves a good cappuccino. As a hobby barista, she has not only mastered the graphic arts, but also the latte art.

Portrait Petra Weidmann

Petra Weidmann

Studied architecture in Germany and Austria, came to communications via a conceptual thesis - and stayed there. After a brief stint in corporate communications, she has been a dedicated agency woman for the past 20 years. She is enthusiastic about everything and every topic, from occupational safety and health to real estate to sustainability.

Her consulting specialties include external and internal corporate communications, corporate publishing, strategy and change communications. As a systemic coach, she thinks big. She has an eye for visuals and a penchant for detail - in project planning as well as in photography.

Portrait Stephanie Zilz

Stephanie Zilz

Was already enthusiastic about the communicative challenges of the digital age and interpersonal relationships during her studies in communication science and sociology. Expanded her academic perspective with practical experience at Zündfunk Magazin, Burda Media and ProSieben. She now brings her understanding of the dynamics of the media world to her consultancy work. Her consulting heart beats especially for the internal and external communication of her clients. Finds new inspiration for client projects especially when doing sports in the mountains and running along the Isar.


Our experience: small to medium-sized companies need communication consultancy that takes a holistic approach, an all-embracing approach. As a medium-sized agency we can give you holistic consultancy – and we also personally implement everything that we can do really well. Granted, there are a few things that others can do better. We work closely with those who can. That way, what you get is the optimum result for you.

Axel Braun Okapi GmbH

Axel Braun

Okapi GmbH

Digital designer (UX/UI design) from the very beginning. 18 years of experience with websites, apps and games for global brands from the entertainment, automobile, fashion and telecommunications business. Founder and manager at Okapi GmbH – a studio for UX/UI design and development in Munich.

Portrait Susanne Erasmi

Susanne Erasmi

Erasmi & Stein

Founded the ꞌErasmi + Steinꞌ graphic communication company 30 years ago, jointly with Bettina von Stein. She works with true passion, has a reduction-based style, and her approach is always rich in creativity. Her clients include UniCredit, the BMW Group and the Rowohlt Verlag (publishers). We particularly love her ability to give expression to a corporate culture in suitable media for internal communication – as well as the Christmas cards that she designs for us.

Portrait Alexander Holl

Alexander Holl

121 WATT

Founder and Chief Executive of 121WATT in Munich. A speaker on the topics of search-engine optimisation (SEO), Google Analytics and Online Marketing. Graduate in business administration, with 20 years of Internet experience, including 15 years of experience specifically on search-engine marketing and SEO. Was Chief Executive or Director respectively at Yahoo! Search Marketing, AltaVista and Cable & Wireless, among others. A member of the council of SEO experts at Germanys national trade association for the digital economy (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft). Collaboration with consense since 2009

Portrait Stefan Kreutzer

Stefan Kreutzer

Journalist / Moderator

A journalist for 20 years, currently working as anchorman and editor at Bayern 3 radio channel. Well-versed in business topics, sport and intelligent entertainment – all this accounts for him inventing and hosting the satire show ꞌDie Stefansꞌ (The Stefans), winner of a German radio prize in 2015. Since 2002 he is also a media trainer, presentation coach and communication consultant.

Nikolas Kohlars SEO Spezialist

Nikolas Kohlars

SEO- und E-Commerce-Spezialist

Nikolas Kohlars – a lone-fighter and yet also a team player.  As a freelance specialist on SEO and e-commerce, he brings to the table more than 15 years of experience in online marketing. Enthusiastic optimiser of conversions and A/B tester. Provides support to small and mid-sized firms as they each implement their digital strategy. Having started as a placement student and then trainee, he is a consense bedrock. Alongside work commitments, he is eagerly forging plans for his donkey farm.

Portrait Stephanie Müller

Stephanie Müller

STEP Consulting & Business Academy

Managing Director of the consultancy for training, coaching and change consulting, she is also a management consultant, as well as a coach and trainer to individual managers. Provides support both to consense itself and to consense customers, in the context of change-processes and also team management and conflict management. Provides consultancy and coaching on questions of strategy, organisation and leadership. Very beneficial in this: her many years of top-level management experience in large companies. 

Geschäftsführer von VonVorteil

Jörg Schleburg


Founder and Chief Executive of the agency VonVorteil. Offers everything that a professional employer brand needs: from the development of the employer positioning, via the communication strategy and through to the campaign rollout, VonVorteil navigates clients through the whole employer-branding process. Provides support to customers in developing strategies, campaigns or designs. Clients for these services include Audi, Mercedes Benz, Tempo, Beck's, Saturn, and Bavariaꞌs Ministry of the Interior. 

Portrait Jens Telgenkämper

Jens Telgenkämper

Freier Creative Director

As a freelancer, he develops campaigns, content and strategies for BMW, MINI, EON, Shell, LINDE and consense clients. A true text artist and an inexhaustible source of good ideas. A man who has seen the desk from a lot of angles, e.g. as Head of Creation at BBDO Worldwide, Head of Campaigning at FischerAppelt, and also editor at BILD, Bild am Sonntag and Welt am Sonntag newspapers. A fellow resident of ours who prizes the atmosphere here at consense and cherishes the view as he looks out from the green salon.

Factor Product

Frank Thiele

Factor Product

Managing partner, designer + thinker. He helps small and large companies strengthen their innovative power, sharpen their brand profile and develop relevant offers for clients. These include Stabilo International, W. L. Gore & Associates, Fischer Sports, Siemens and BMW Group. Holds numerous international design prizes, for instance the Design award of the Federal Republic of Germany in gold.

We hold several certifications and awards:

  • kununu
  • FAIRcompany