Purpose Communications Munich: Communicating corporate values successfully

The purpose provides employees with a guideline and reveals a company's values. With value-oriented communication, companies can position themselves both externally and internally on topics such as sustainability and equality.

A strong sense of purpose drives businesses to take the long view and invest for growth.
Punit Renjen, Global CEO Deloitte
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The importance of purpose communications in corporate culture

Motivated employees and enthusiastic customers are the key to your company's success. But attracting and retaining these two groups presents companies with challenges in today's VUCA world. While quality used to be a convincing selling point or good pay ensured sufficient skilled workers, this is rarely enough these days.

Much more important than talking about what a company does is the why. This fundamental question of purpose is answered by purpose communications, which takes place in many areas of corporate communication - from employer branding to brand or management communication:

  • Why should I buy this particular product from this particular manufacturer?
  • Why should I apply to this employer and not a direct competitor?
  • Why are this company's actions justified from a social and environmental perspective?

The purpose of a company provides answers to precisely these questions.

Advantages of effective purpose communications

Although employees and customers as stakeholder groups differ significantly in their needs and requirements, both ask the same questions about why. If they receive a sustainable answer, this increases satisfaction and loyalty to the company. The purpose of a company must therefore be manifested in both external and internal communication. In addition, all types of companies benefit from this: start-ups as well as listed corporations.

Successful purpose communications can offer the following advantages:

  • Sustainably promote corporate culture and values
  • Create clarity and orientation internally and externally
  • Increase motivation and a sense of belonging among employees
  • Increase customer conviction and satisfaction

With our expertise as an agency for purpose communications in Munich, we would be happy to help your company work out its purpose and communicate it accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.