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Companies are not only expected to act sustainably in environmental, social and economic terms. They are also legally obliged to do so. This makes it all the more important for companies to communicate their sustainability efforts.

Sustainable companies are future-oriented companies.
Klaus Schwab (founder of the World Economic Forum)
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The importance of sustainability communication

Companies use sustainability communication to communicate their activities in the area of environmentally conscious action to the outside world. However, social and economic aspects are also included in sustainability communication. Communication can take place both internally towards employees and externally towards customers or investors.

The aim of sustainability communication is to

  • strengthen the image and external impact of the company
  • differentiate itself from the competition through its sustainability efforts
  • create awareness of environmental and social issues within and outside the company
  • establish a dialog with stakeholders and better communicate corporate goals

Sustainability communication is geared towards a lively dialog and cooperation with various interest groups.

Challenges and opportunities for your sustainability communication Munich

Whether you need to develop your sustainability strategy from scratch or professionalize your sustainability report: As an agency for sustainability communication in Munich, our comprehensive expertise is at your disposal in all areas of sustainability communication. We pursue the following goals:

Innovative approaches in sustainability communication

Modern sustainability communication goes beyond traditional methods. We know this and provide you with innovative approaches to amplify your messages via digital and social media. Through storytelling, visual content and interactive campaigns, we not only reach a broad audience, but also create lasting awareness for your brand.

Future-oriented sustainability solutions

We strive to develop future-oriented sustainability solutions that take into account both the environmental and socio-economic aspects of your business management. By anticipating and responding to trends, we help your business stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

Local networking and global impact of your sustainability communications

In Munich, we actively network with local communities and organizations to support your sustainability goals. This local anchoring, coupled with global reach, allows us to maximize the impact of your sustainability efforts and drive real change.

To achieve these goals, we use a variety of measures such as

  • Sustainability reports
  • Stakeholder analyses
  • Development of a sustainability story
  • Action planning
  • Implementation of communication measures (internal and external)
  • Sustainability strategies and CSR management